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Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2017) provides a good overview of “irregular warfare” in the Second World War

Updates A July 13, 2018 Atlantic article is entitled: “The Russians Who Hacked the 2016 Election: Robert Mueller’s latest indictment reaches back to the origin story for the investigation into interference.” An Aug. 7, 2018 BBC article is entitled: “A French village committed to deception: Through an extraordinary campaign of non-violent resistance during World War […]


Warfare in North America, 1500-1865: The normal grammar that defined the meaning of wartime violence sometimes didn’t work

A blurb at the Toronto Public website notes that Wayne E. Lee, in this book published in 2011 by Oxford University Press, has concluded that: “In the end, the repeated experience of wars with barbarians or brothers created an American culture of war that demanded absolute solutions: enemies were either to be incorporated or rejected. […]


The conventions of warfare have changed since 1812

In a previous blog post, I spoke of a recent lecture by Denise Harris about the War of 1812. Along with changes in the technology of warfare, as discussed in the previous blog, the conventions of warfare have also changed since 1812. Denise Harris noted, in her lecture on May 16, 2012, for example, that […]


Technological advancement is a key storyline in the world history of warfare

Conquered into liberty (2011) and Empires and indigenes (2011) offer valuable insights regarding military history. The subtitle for the first-mentioned text is: Two centuries of battles along the great warpath that made the American way of war. The book refers to “a protracted struggle between ‘North’ and ‘South,’ beginning in the 1600s and lasting for […]


Ron Williamson shares an overview of early North American warfare in “The House of Cut-Off Heads”

Recently I read Chapter 8 of a book entitled The taking and displaying of human body parts by Amerindians (2007). Beautifully written and informative, the chapter is by the Canadian archaeologist Ron Williamson. The full title of the chapter is: “Otintsiskiaj ondaon” (“The House of Cut-Off Heads”) The history and archaeology of Northern Iroquoian trophy taking […]