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Sump pump working really hard, at new 22 James St. severed-lot building in Long Branch

I am pleased to share with you (for purposes of discussion) the following message from Brian Liberty of Long Branch: Dearest staff of Municipal Licensing and Standards, It seems the problem child at 22 James and its ugly brother to the east have been passed along to your laps now – kindly see attached. On […]


Conserving Long Branch – September 2016 Update Addendum from David Godley

A previous message is entitled: Conserving Long Branch – September 2016 Update from David Godley: Redevelopment proposal for apartments on Lake Promenade  The following message is from David Godley of Long Branch Summer Greetings, Dear Mayor John Tory, I am aware of the many excellent projects you are pursuing and would like to bring one […]


Conserving Long Branch – June 2016 David Godley Update

The following update is from David Godley: Greetings Long Branch Community A fuller list of applications with Planning Department recommendations will be forwarded shortly. Meanwhile here is a summary of activity*: Applications for June 9 2016 Committee of Adjustment (COA) 1pm 78 29th Street 10 Garden Place 3pm 14 41st Street 5pm 42 Exmoor Drive […]


March 2016 update from David Godley: “Long Branch is now Ground Zero”

The following text is from David Godley of Long Branch: Long Branch is now Ground Zero for severances in Canada Almost one application a week represents what seems to be the most concentrated neighbourhood for severance applications. With 83% odds of developers (and some homeowners) getting approval at the OMB as well as additional approvals […]


Conserving Long Branch – February 2016 update from David Godley

I am pleased to share with you the following message from David Godley: Thank you Jill Hogan of the City Planning Department for her applications review which unfortunately is getting longer!
 Thank you also to the following for supplying information: Sabrina Salitino, Planning Department, Daniel Fleming, Councillor’s Office, Liz Read, Andy Choles, Mike Flynn, Sandy […]


January 2016 Update from David Godley of Long Branch

The following text is from David Godley; I have waited for the go-ahead from him, before I proceeded to post this item. Because of time (and energy) constraints, I have done minimal formatting of this text. The message includes two attached files: crombie 97,27thomb David Godley writes: Happy 2016 Long Branch Neighbourhood Association. The outlook […]


One-page survey was circulated at Nov. 30, 2015 Long Branch Neighbourhood Association launch meeting

I have discussed the Nov. 30, 2015 meeting elsewhere; you can find previous posts by doing a search, using the internal search engine at this website, for “Long Branch Neighbourhood Association.” Some key points Some key points from the Nov. 30, 2015 meeting: Purpose of meeting The meeting had the purpose of determining the level of […]