Mimico residents seek a solution for Wesley Mimico United Church that will benefit all stakeholders

The following item by Mary Bella, speaking on behalf of a group of Mimico residents, appeared in Issue No. 196, April 15, 2012, of Built Heritage News published by Catherine Nasmith, Architect.

How can we help?

A group of Mimico residents is working towards preserving Wesley Mimico United Church, at Station Road and Mimico Avenue.

This church has been an important historical gathering place and landmark in our community for nearly 100 years, and was designed by one of the most prominent Canadian architectural firms of its time.

The congregation is no longer able to maintain/repair and make necessary renovations to its building, and is looking at redevelopment options — some including demolition.

There is more information available at this link about the issues, the church’s heritage, and how you can help.

We aim to bring the community and the congregation together to find solutions that will benefit all concerned while preserving this heritage building.

The first step in that process is increasing community awareness of the issues and challenges.

Many thanks — and please spread the word!

Mary Bella


The church has proposed a building plan.


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  1. Martha Watt
    Martha Watt says:

    The United Church has some grant money available to congregations for development. Applications should keep in mind some of the many greening initiatives that the United Church supports. Any groups working with the Board of Wesley Mimico United Church should be aware of these funds and be sure the congregation’s leadership is working with the General Council Office to facilitate communications between all stakeholders.
    I work at the General Council Office, and can put your group in touch with this information, if the congregation has not done this already.
    All the best,

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I am very pleased to know of grant money that the United Church has available for greening initiatives.

    I’m reminded of such greening initiatives involving another church in Toronto.

    I will share that information at this website as soon as I’ve had time to write up my notes of a conservation that I had recently, at the Birds and Beans Café by the Lake in Mimico, with Fran Moscall, Director, Ontario Urban Forest Council.


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