The OMB decision for 61 Long Branch Ave. favours the proposed severance

An OMB decision regarding 61 Long Branch Ave. has been posted at the OMB website.

As a person interested in ensuring that Long Branch will in time achieve a Heritage Conservation District designation, I read with interest this comment (p. 3) from the decision:

    The planners agreed that the area is not a heritage district and is not designated or listed as “historical”, although a recent Official Plan Amendment (No. 38) will permit the City to direct future funds normally targeted for Section 37 benefits to fund a study or report on the heritage potential and/or history of the Long Branch area for the purpose of determining future designations. For now, however, while residents and certain Interested Participants expressed great interest in the pursuit of historical research of the area’s homes and its past and possible future designations, there is currently no official designation of either the subject property or the Long Branch area itself to impede the Board’s decision to give provisional consent in this case.

Whatever the outcome of a given OMB hearing, in the wider scheme of things we owe thanks to each person — including each resident, arborist, planner, and lawyer — who works on behalf of the interests of the wider community.

Each person who speaks out on behalf of the wider community, at OMB hearings and similar meetings, warrants our abiding respect and gratitude.

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