Call for Opposition – 168 Lake Promenade, June 28, 2012: Message from Ratepayers’ Association of South Long Branch

JOIN your neighbours.

In keeping with RASL’s desire to maintain and/or enhance the character of our South Long Branch neighbourhood we are committed to supporting residents who are facing adverse development applications.

The following request has been submitted to RASL members on behalf of the neighbours of 168 Lake Promenade.

As always, support of RASL initiatives and support of our fellow members is appreciated.




You may already be aware that plans to sever the lot and overbuild at 168 Lake Promenade will again be presented at the Committee of Adjustment hearing, scheduled for June 28th, 2012 at 4pm.

A number of neighbours have already expressed interest in attending the hearing to demonstrate that we are not happy with this proposed change to our neighbourhood character and the negative impact this may have on property values. Some may wish to speak; others may wish to indicate their objection simply by showing up.

If you also plan to attend, please let me know at:

If you cannot attend, then we would appreciate it if you would send a letter, objecting to the proposed severance and overbuilding, to:

Susanne Pringle
Manager & Deputy Secretary Treasurer
Committee of Adjustment
2 Civic Centre Court
Toronto, ON. M9C 5A3

Letters may be faxed to: (416) 394-6042

You should reference the following file numbers:

B52/10EYK, A346/10EYK and


Please ensure that all communication is at the Committee of Adjustment offices on or before June 26th, 2012.

Details of the proposal to sever and overbuild may be found, but only four days before the hearing, at:

The plans may also be viewed by attending at the Committee offices at the Civic Centre between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm.


If you have already written a letter, then an email to Susanne Pringle, indicating that you wish your old letter to be considered again in light of this new proposal may be useful.

Please send this email to:


Members of the Ratepayers’ Association of South Long Branch (RASL) executive wish to extend their thanks to those who are actively supporting efforts to promote responsible development in our neighbourhood.


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