Tonight Newspaper (June 15-17, 2012: Vol. 03, Issue 190) highlights Long Branch in its ‘cottage country’ days

An article in the weekend edition (June 15-17 , 2012: Vol. 03, Isue 190) of The Tonight Newspaper provides a good overview of the early history of Long Branch as an early ‘cottage country’ resort.

Click on the link, “The Tonight Newspaper,” in the paragraph above. That will take you to the edition of the newspaper in which the article appears.

If that doesn’t work, click here:

Alternatively, point your browser (e.g. Google) toward “Tonight Newspaper Toronto.”

We owe thanks to John Easton of Long Branch for letting us know about this article.

I would add that A history of domestic space (1999) offers a brief and perceptive overview of ‘cottage country’ and related concepts as viewed in the context of Canadian history.


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