Mimico 20/20 – Open House materials have now been posted online; Nov. 19, 2012 is deadline for the feedback forms

Message from Matthew Premru, City of Toronto

Hello again and thanks to everyone for attending last night’s Open House at the Mimico Adult Centre.  To assist with the feedback exercise and for those of you who missed the event, the Open House information panels have now been posted under the What’s New section of our webpage:


Please remember to submit your feedback forms (also available for download) by no later than Monday, November 19, 2012.

In the meanwhile, please stay tuned for further consultant report postings and an announcement about our next community consultation event.

Best- Matthew

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  1. David Juliusson
    David Juliusson says:

    I was at the meeting and I was not impressed. I asked every Planner I could find the same question. The assessments on every issue except Heritage have not yet been released. How can we as the community make informed decisions and be part of the process when we have not been given the information we are being asked to comment on?

    The Planners did not want to answer my questions. The information will be put online soon. Probably mid December after the final community consultation. The transportation consultant said mid January.

    I was given some information. There will be one more community consultation in December. In early January it goes to community council, and the full Council at the end of January.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    It’s most interesting to read your comments, David. You were at the meeting, and have been following this process closely. I look forward to learning more about your views on the current status of the Mimico 20/20 planning process.


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