Gordon Freeland of Brampton seeks information related to Long Branch. Can you help?

Gordon Freeland of  Brampton has shared the following information in an email to Denise Harris, Heritage Officer, Etobicoke Heritage Society:

“Now at 82 I must accept I am part of LB history. Born Aug 11, 1930 on 9th St New Toronto, and first school was J.S. Bell til June 1939.

“My father, James Freeland, immigrated from Scotland via a 6 yr sojourn in the U.S.but entered Canada May 16,1928 and resided at 57 James St, shortly thereafter and apart from 2 years in Clarkson, we lived at 93 James St. He was a horticulturalist. I am the oldest of 6.

“I cannot determine if 57 James was re-numbered to 93 or was 57 just a boarding house to him. Three other family members gave 57 James as Toronto place of contact. They arrived in August 1928.

“Do you have any suggestions as to links to assist me? I was the Pastor of Richview Baptist Church and Residence from 1974-1997. Thanks and best regards Gordon Freeland.”

If you have relevant information to assist Gordon Freeland, please contact me through this website and I will pass the information on to him.

In a follow-up email to me, after I asked if it’s okay for me to post his inquiry to the Preserved Stories website, Gordon Freeland added:

“Yes – posting my question on your website is appreciated. It proved helpful when tracing my birth location as New Toronto Hospital?  New Toronto. It turned up being a private residence at 65-Ninth St – likely a R.N. home with Dr. F. McClelland attending – I will contact Long Branch Library Archives as suggested by Denise Harris.

“With best regards Gordon”

[I am delighted to have the opportunity to help out with such inquiries.]


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