W.O. 09-20003 QEW Improvements from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road – Community Workshop #1 meeting minutes

The minutes – which will be posted on the project website – from Community Workshop #1 on December 8, 2012 for the Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study for the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road are now available:

QEW Evans Ave to Cawthra Rd – Dec 8, 2012 CW1 Meeting Minutes

The Project Team has shared the following comments:

The Project Team values your input.

Over the next few months, the project team will review the comments received at Community Workshop #1, refine the alternatives presented, and commence the evaluation of alternatives.

The preferred alternative will be identified through a comparative assessment of impacts to the social, cultural, natural, and economic environments.

Community Workshop #2 will present the alternatives evaluation process and the recommended alternative and will be held later this year.  You will be provided with advanced notice of Community Workshop #2 once it has been scheduled.

For additional details and updates about the Study, please visit the project website at www.qewdixieea.ca.

Kind regards,

Dawn McKinnon

Environmental Planner

On behalf of the QEW Dixie EA project team

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Mississauga, ON L5K 2P8
t: 905.823.4988 x1283 | f: 905.823.2669

dmckinnon@ecoplans.com | www.ecoplans.com

[End of text from planning team]

QEW Improvements planning process


North Service Road (on left) and QEW (on right) looking east from Dixie Road overpass, December 2012. Jaan Pill photo


As a person with an interest in communications between officials and communities members, I find the project team’s approach to communications exemplary.

I’ve written a previous blog post about the Dec. 8, 2012 meeting, which I learned about from David Juliusson of the Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee.

At the meeting I learned details, which I found of much interest, about the Bailey Bridge that extends across the QEW at Applewood Village Plaza. I’ve devoted a separate blog post to that topic.

In learning about the Bailey Bridge, I also learned about the history of the Middle Road Bridge, which in turn gave rise to a separate blog post.

At the latter blog post, RC Lansdale shared a comment related to the Middle Road Bridge, which I found of much interest:

“During the 1960′s this bridge was a short cut to get from our house in Etobicoke to Savettes at Dixie Plaza (when Dixie Plaza was still alive & kicking). I remember that well. We’d go there to buy clothes and various items (like mood rings and Pet Rocks) before Square One and Sherway came on the scene after 1971. The Middle Road bridge was probably closed off once the Sherway areas was redeveloped and the new onramp to QEW added.”


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