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February 22, 2013

New economic growth plan for Toronto endorsed by City Council

Yesterday City Council endorsed a new Toronto economic growth plan entitled Collaborating for Competitiveness – A Strategic Plan to Accelerate Economic Growth and Job Creation in Toronto.  As South Etobicoke contains a large section of the City’s employment land this is great news for Ward 6.

Council endorsed economic growth and job creation objectives and targets that are geared to increasing employment, job quality and office and property tax revenues.

Council recommended that the City and its affiliated organizations align and harmonize their policies, programs and activities so that they can create a more attractive climate for business and investment.

In addition to recommending the establishment of an Economic Growth and Job Creation Advisory Committee led by the Mayor, Council endorsed strategies, recommendations and actions defined in the Collaborating for Competitiveness report.

Items that were reviewed and endorsed by Council, with some amendments, include:

– Accelerate investments in commercial and industrial developments that enhance the City’s property tax base and/or create permanent jobs.

– Improve cost competitiveness that enhances the City’s property tax base and/or creates permanent jobs.

– Ensure sufficient land is available to accommodate commercial and industrial employment growth.

– Ensure sufficient infrastructure capacity is available to accommodate commercial and industrial employment growth forecasts.

– Help small and medium size enterprises form and prosper.

– Strengthen and grow high-value sectors particularly those with high economic multipliers.

– Strengthen support for retaining and expanding manufacturing.

The economic growth plan and its recommendations, with documentation of Council’s actions on the report, are available at

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