The deadline is Feb. 28, 2013 for sending in your comments about the reallocation of money for Sherway Trail

David Switzer has written the following letter in opposition to re-allocation of money for the Sherway Trail.

I will write a message as well, and I encourage you to do the same.

A message concerning this topic sent to Derek Waltho. His email address is

Please note the deadline for messages is Feb. 28, 2013.

Message from David Switzer

The following is the e-mail I sent you on January 24th. I  am re-sending it as I understand that there is a deadline of February 28th for comments and I want to insure these comment are included.

If you have already included them you can ignore this e-mail. However I might add that since I wrote these comments I have become aware that in addition to studies at the on the improper use of Section 47 funds there is now a study by the city into the need to provide proper services to the fast growing  “vertical communities” such a those on Sherway.

Thank you

Text of David’s letter

I am a resident of Long Branch and I oppose reallocating the $400,000 reserved for the extension of the Etobicoke Creek trail to Sherway Drive.

Section 47 money is provided to compensate the community for inconveniences occurring by the variance given.

It should also provide funds to the municipality to increases the services that may be inadequate for the additional demand on them resulting from the development or even to provide facilities that do not exist and are needed as a result of the development.

In the case of the Sherway Garden Residential towers the citizens impacted were the people of Alderwood. There are no residents of Ward 5 close enough to be impacted by the increased density.

The other citizens affected are the residents of the towers. They have no access to nature, parks or recreation within a walking or cycling distance of their homes.

The path would provide a healthy safe access to the ball diamonds of Alderwood and the trails and parks to the south.

Not only would the trail provide new essential park and recreational facilities for the high-rise residences and the people of Alderwood but there are long term patients residing beside Sherwood Drive that unlike nearly all similar homes they have no where their caregivers can take these citizens who are in the last years of their life for a walk in a natural parkland.

The proposal to reallocate  the money for other park improvement indicates that you would be spending the money on existing facilities rather creating a new and necessary one.

In light of the city’s responsibility to provide these services the municipality should continue to reserve the $400,000 for the trail extension.

[End of message from David Switzer]

Background document

Background regarding this topic can be found at this City of Toronto document.


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