Message from Matthew Premru: Mimico 20/20 Update – Final USI Report and Urban Design Guidelines (DRAFT)

Message from Matthew Premru, City of Toronto:

Hello to all Mimico 20/20 Participants,

I’m pleased to tell you that Urban Strategies’ Final Report for Mimico 20/20 as well as the DRAFT Urban Design Guidelines are now available on our homepage under the section Sub-Consultant Reports:

Note, the Urban Design Guidelines will remain in draft format until such time they are formally adopted by City Council.

Please also note that due to constraints, we were not able to post the above documents in an ‘accessible’ format (ie. BrowseAloud software that reads aloud web content for those with difficulty reading).  IT staff inform me that they will have this rectified as early as possible next week. The City is committed to creating an accessible environment, and I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

In other news, work on the Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Plan is now nearing completion and we intend to announce an Etobicoke York Community Council meeting date very shortly, as well as the release of the draft Secondary Plan document itself (minimum 20 days prior to the meeting date).

Best regards- Matthew


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