Petition to City of Cambridge – Save the historic Black Bridge! Petition by Heritage Cambridge

Tom MIllar. Jaan Pill photo

Tom MIllar. Jaan Pill photo

I strongly support the heritage efforts of Tom Millar of Toronto, who is active in projects involving heritage preservation in Ontario’s cottage country and elsewhere.

The following message is from Tom Millar:

Online petition now at 176 signatures! Please share and sign before we meet with #cbridge council in April. …

and please share this petition mission with your friends.


[ Tom’s Twitter handle is ]

[My own Twitter handle is @jaanpill. I also Tweet at @Longbranchhs. My Facebook name is Jaan Hendrik Pill. I also have a Facebook page entitled Long Branch Historical. There’s a Facebook page for people keen about the history of Long Branch, New Toronto, and Mimico but I haven’t signed on yet. I’m hoping to get around to that soon. I’m on Google + as Jaan Pill.]

The above-noted website features the following information:

The historic Black Bridge, in the Hespeler area of Cambridge, is designated as significant (Ontario Heritage Act) and listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Sites of Canada. It is the last of its kind in the City of Cambridge, and is considered one of the top ten bridges in the Region of Waterloo.

The City of Cambridge is currently conducting an environmental assessment for proposed development that threatens the bridge, the surrounding landscape, and natural species, ie. turtles (of which one species is already identified “at risk”), frogs, etc.

The community residents have come together to officially form the Black Bridge Community Association in order to work collectively to preserve the unique heritage elements within their neighbourhood. With the support of Heritage Cambridge (local branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario), the Association have presented to MHAC (Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee), and to City Council to request the implementation of a Designated Heritage Conservation District to protect this significant area.

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