Cheryl and Adrian deRooy have written a letter regarding 32 Ninth Street

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Cheryl and Adrian deRooy have shared the following text, which they have submitted regarding the March 28, 2013, 1:00 pm Committee of Adjustment meeting regarding 32 Ninth Street, as described in an earlier blog post.

Please note a meeting will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 28 Ninth Avenue. If you would like to assist the neighbours in preparing for the Committee of Adjustment meeting, please attend the March 23rd meeting.

I will post photos and documents in the next day or two.

Letter from Cheryl and Adrian deRooy

Adrian and Cheryl deRooy
28 Ninth St.
Etobicoke, Ontario, M8V 3E3

March 20, 2013
Committee of Adjustment
Etobicoke York Panel
2 Civic Centre Court
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5A3
c/o Susanne Pringle
With a copy to Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes

Subject: Minor Variance Permission- 32 Ninth Street, Part1 and Part2

A7/13EYK and A8/13EYK

To the Committee of Adjustment

My wife and I live at 28 Ninth Street, just south, and right next
door to the property in question, I can’t beleive, the builder Nicola
Bosciano, is planning to build 2 separate houses on a 50ft. lot, We
strongly oppose granting the minor variance that has been requested.

We have lived here for 16 years and love our quaint neighborhood, to
put not one but two monster buildings right next door is ridiculous.
We have invested alot of money to improve our home, what will the new
construction do to my home? How close does one get? How much damage can
be caused ie: vibrations, etc.?

I am an artist working at home, this will definitely affect my
livelihood, my studio has 2 northern skylights, the proposed buildings
are 3 stories High, they will affect the light in my studio, not to
mention our beautiful backyard, The new proposed buildings will extend,
way into the backyard and tower over us. What will happen if I wanted
to build another floor on my house?

We want simply to keep the integrity of the neighborhood, and I
strongly oppose granting the minor variance, and realize the builder
only cares about one thing, and it’s not our neighborhood.

Cheryl and Adrian deRooy


5 replies
  1. Nicola Basciano
    Nicola Basciano says:

    The proposed houses will be 1.2m lower than the allowable 9.5m.
    Also the sideyard setback will be 4ft, 1ft further away than the allowable 3ft.

  2. Nicola Basciano
    Nicola Basciano says:

    The proposed houses will only be 2 storey not 3 storey.
    Also.based on lot frontage analysis done by c.o.a.,
    49% of lots in the area are 25ft, and 13.9% are 20ft-29ft
    only 6.1% are 50ft.

  3. Vashti King
    Vashti King says:

    However, all of the lots that are 20-25 feet wide have a laneway separating the house from the neighbouring house and allowing access to back yard parking. The proposed houses are crammed so close together that there is no laneway separation which results in a significant reduction in green space and visual separation of houses.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Clearly, the frame of reference we bring to the discussion of lot sizes has a bearing on what we see.

    There is much value in having awareness of the different ways in which the varied stakeholders approach the ongoing conversation about the nature of development in our communities.


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