Almost 200 years later, a look back at The Battle of York – March 20, 2013 Torontoist

David Juliusson of Toronto has informed us of an article, related to a series of War of 1812 lectures, in the March 20, 2013 Torontoist.

[Click on link in previous sentence to access the article.]

The head, subhead, and introduction read as follows:

First in a Series of articles about the War on the Torontoist

It has been almost exactly two centuries since the Americans sacked what would one day become Toronto.


To mark the bicentenary of the Battle of York, Heritage Toronto has organized a lecture series about the War of 1812. In conjunction with those lectures, Torontoist and Heritage Toronto are publishing a series of articles that examines various aspects of that war, ranging from a look at battle techniques to the impact on the region’s First Nations.

[To access information about an upcoming War of 1812 lecture series, click on the link in the previous paragraph.]


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