Scientists propose a new architecture for sustainable development – March 21, 2013 New York Times

A March 21, 2013 New York Times article addresses how sustainable development can best be defined.

The text for the headline and opening paragraph reads as follows:

Scientists Propose a New Architecture for Sustainable Development


As a United Nations working group negotiates a set of “sustainable development goals,” 10 scientists and development analysts, in a commentary published today in Nature, have proposed a fundamentally different way to frame this concept. (Click here for relevant Dot Earth posts.)


I like the idea of spending time – as the article discusses quoting Albert Einstein – to frame the problem.

The metaphor of sustainable development brings to mind the attempt to figure out how the universe began and where it (along with possibly an infinite number of other universes) is proceeding.

When I think of the universe, I think of the fact that each of us has a place inside of it.


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