Mimico Residents Association March 21, 2013 annual general meeting was an impressive event

I’ve attended two annual general meetings recently, including a cross-Canada meeting conducted through video conferencing on Google +. That’s a good way for a board of directors to meet assuming there aren’t more than 10 people at the meeting.

At 7:00 pm on March 21, 2013 I attended the annual general meeting of the Mimico Residents Association (MRA for short) at the Mimico Baptist Church, 80 Hillside Ave.

I was very impressed. The agenda was very clearly laid out. All of he agenda items were covered quickly and comprehensively. It was a productive meeting. Being there was a productive use of time.

What follows is an informal report, subject to correction, which I’ve written to organize my thinking and because it’s a relaxing diversion in my capacity as a non-resident of Mimico.

President’s report

Kyra Trainor, MRA president, introduced her report – that being the first item on the agenda – by noting that her background is in sales and marketing in pharmaceutics. She noted that last year’s activities began with strategic planning. At that time, the board reviewed what it had set out to do – and what it had accomplished.

She noted MRA had four key issues in the previous year:

1. Improve communication and membership base
2. Maintain and improve relationships with the city and province
3. Contribute to the Mimico 20/20 process
4. Address the fact developers tend to ignore local consultation processes and proceed to the Ontario Municipal Board

She noted that much credit for the raised awareness of MRA goes to the MRA secretary, Mary Bella.

She noted a need to continue to focus on memberships. In the coming year that will continue to be a focus. With regard to developers Kyra Trainor noted that MRA provided an opportunity in the past year for residents to ask questions directly of the Longos. She noted that the Longos do answer their questions when MRA calls them.

With regard to the OMB, Trainor remarked, “I think it’s bigger than us in some ways.”

What’s the eastern boundary of Mimico?

Among the topics that will be addressed in the coming year is the question of: What is the eastern boundary of Mimico?

The meeting went on, and proceeded smoothly. After a little over an hour, I was on my way home to Long Branch.

I’m very impressed with the Mimico Residents Association as a community organization. I’m impressed with the board members – there’s a sense that people know how to work together, have requisite skills and competencies, and are really happy to be living in Mimico.

I’m impressed with the membership as a whole as well. I liked the tone of the meeting. I liked the sense of a direction that came across, and I liked the realism that was evident (to this observer) concerning challenges that any community faces with regard to development and topics such as the Ontario Municipal Board.

As I understand, non-residents can sign up as non-voting members of MRA. [Correction: Non-residents who have business interests in Mimico can join as non-residents; otherwise non-residents can’t join.] I think this is a fine organization and I see much value in being a member of it.


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    It’s a very impressive website, Mary! The work of the Mimico Residents Association is a source of inspiration for me.


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