I’m a member of the TerraMar Project and invite you to join as well: Check out the April 26, 2013 Google + Earth Day hangouts

The TerraMar Project is dedicated to the well being of the world’s oceans. [Click on link in previous sentence to access its home page.]

Here’s a recent message from TerraMar:

Hang out with TerraMar for Earth Day! Who loves the ocean? We all love the ocean, which actually covers 71% of our earth! Let’s celebrate the ocean for Earth Day. Join our G+ hangout – All you need to do is RSVP and log on Friday, April 26th at 2P EDT – We’ll be talking about our beautiful blue planet and the 64% of it that belongs to you! Want to learn more? Tune in. Be sure to check out all of the G+Earth Day hangouts, sponsored by TerraMar. Use the #ourearth & invite your friends to participate.

Click here for further information.


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