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Toronto Parks People provides an overview of what’s happening with regard to Toronto Parks. To view a recent overview, click here. [To access the document, click on link in previous sentence.]

The opening text reads as follows:

As a fellow park enthusiast, we wanted to make sure you are familiar with the new Parks Plan, which will guide strategy and development for Toronto’s 20,500 acres of parkland. Many of you were involved in the consultations last year for the Plan and Park People played an important role putting forward positive solutions for our communities and parks. The Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry & Recreation (PFR) bills their 2013-2017 Parks Plan as a plan which

“aims to connect people and communities with parks, advance greening and environmental sustainability, improve the quality of parks, and strengthen the parks system as a legacy for Toronto. It builds on work already being done to maintain and improve the parks system, outlines priorities, and will inform policy-making, guide decision-making and define a program of investment.”

As someone who cares about these issues, we wanted to highlight some key aspects of the Parks Plan, as well as share opportunities for you to engage the City and your community with what it entails.

Dates mentioned in message:

Important Dates
We’ve compiled some opportunities and dates to engage the Parks and Environment Committee & City Council with your comments and questions on the Parks Plan.


Comment & Request to Speak »

Parks Plan presented at Parks & Environment Committee »
Parks Plan Presented at City Council »
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