Jane’s Walk seeks volunteers for May 4 and May 5 walks across Toronto

Following message is from Jane’s Walk:

Volunteer recruitment

We’ve got over 50 volunteers signed up and ready to take pictures on the Walks, act as Walk Marshalls helping the group to stay together without blocking busy sidewalks, and so forth… but we’d like to have enough to have a volunteer at every Jane’s Walk! With 119 Jane’s Walks at last count taking place in Toronto, we’d like to ask you to ask your networks if anyone might be interested in volunteering? Direct them to sign up here:


[End of message from Jane’s Walk]

Mike James and Jaan Pill would also be delighted with volunteer help

For the May 4 and 5 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch, we may be able to get volunteers through Jane’s Walk.

I would add that if you’d like to help as a volunteer with the latter Walk of Walks, please contact me directly.

We need help with portable amplifiers, with distribution of printouts, and with photo taking and video recording.

If you have a digital SLR camera (or a digital snapshot camera), and/or have a video camera that you like to use, please share your photos after the event with us. You can put your files on a DVD or send them to us by email.

In the event you have a Zoom or other make of audio recorder, sound files of the event would also be very useful to have – especially of conversations as they unfold. We’ll have a Zoom H1 and H4n recorder to help us to get the sound files.

Last year I kept my Zoom H4n on a children’s wagon that we used to transport the sound equipment. I won’t do that this year as the vibrations from the walk meant that most of the WAV files could not be accessed after the event. So many delightful things to learn about the details of sound recording.

Also, if you’re adept with Google Maps, and would like to help us in that area, please contact us by email or through the Contact Us page at this website.

Jaan Pill



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