Fife and Drum newsletter from Friends of Fort York – June 2013

I much enjoy reading news from or about Fort York.

Below is a link to the June 2013 Fife and Drum newsletter, published by Friends of Fort York:


The lead article features Laura Secord.

I much enjoyed a heritage walk some time ago, organized in association with Fort York, where participants traced the path of the skirmishes that occurred between the shore line of Lake Ontario and Fort York during the Battle of York in 1813.

I also attended a First Nations Sunrise Ceremony on the shore line of Lake Ontario around that time. I found the event, held very early in the morning, highly inspiring. Many people were there. I’m really pleased I attended.

In April 2013 I attended a Citizenship Ceremony at Fort York which I also much enjoyed. It was great to speak with young people who were receiving their citizenship certificates that day. Before the ceremony they and their their families shared what the day meant for them, and what they hoped to contribute to Canada in their role as citizens.

As well, I enjoyed learning about a Jane’s Walk that was held in Liberty Village, close to Fort York, in May 2013. It sounded like a delightful walk. I enjoy how Fort York is nestled among the nearby condos and the Gardiner Expressway.

During the walk associated with the Battle of York during the war of 1812, I had the occasion to share with some walk participants the fact that the old shore line of Lake Ontario used to come right up to Fort York, before landfill operations moved the shore line a considerable distance south.

I also enjoyed reading – I think it may have been in the Fife and Drum – about how heritage proponents stopped a project, proposed at the time of the building of the Gardiner Expressway, to move Fort York closer to the current shore line, as its location was deemed an inconvenience by expressway engineers.

Liberty Village

Also of interest is a July 3, 2013 New York Times article about Liberty Village and the Toronto condo market.

Archaeological Services Inc.

As well, an archaeological resource assessment by Archaeological Services Inc. regarding the proposed Fort York Visitor Centre location can be accessed here.

Additional ASI site reports can be found here.

Among other features of the ASI website, artifacts from the Battle of York 1813 can be found here.


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