David Switzer shares comments regarding July 23, 2013 Byelection Debate: “Milczyn will get my vote”

David Switzer of Long Branch has given me permission to share his comments regarding last night’s Byelection Debate.

David’s comments


I saw you at the meeting last night and thought you might like to know my observations.

All candidates where good except for Holyday who was less professional than I expected. The audience was well behaved except some people that appeared to be private physiotherapy providers that objected to the Liberal plan to limit their services and provide therapy through public facilities. I was really impressed with a late coming “special needs” candidate who was very knowledgable about all the issues. Angela, my Green candidate had to agree with him on many issues. Milczyn will get my vote because he has the qualifications and appears to be reasonable in his political views (I am putting aside the personal problem with him trying to take the section 37 money for the extension of the Sherway trail for park maintenance elsewhere). If I didn’t think he would do a good job I would have voted Green as usual for the party’s principles. My vote may help stop Holyday who is too far right for a Progressive Conservative. However my decision is not strategic voting.

My secondary thought is if Milczyn wins will we lose at the municipal level what we gain provincially?

See you again.



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