RELEASE: Doug Holyday Uses City of Toronto Garbage Trucks For Campaign Photo Op

Update: A July 25, 2013 Toronto Star article provides an update on this story. The article notes that the request came from “one of his (Holyday’s) staff … when the deputy mayor calls and asks for a truck, we supply it.” [End of update]

Following news release is from the Peter Milczyn Campaign website:

Doug Holyday Uses City of Toronto Garbage Trucks For Campaign Photo Op
Did Ford brothers approve?

“This is the opposite of respecting taxpayers,” said Liberal candidate Peter Milczyn, “If Doug Holyday stepped down for the duration of the campaign than how does he justify using City of Toronto resources during a byelection campaign?”

The Doug Holyday campaign should clarify how they diverted City of Toronto resources for a photo-op this morning and declare this morning’s stunt as a campaign expense when they file their campaign expenses statement to Elections Ontario. Did the Mayor and Councillor Doug Ford approve or help coordinate this photo op?

“I find it hard to believe that any resident of Etobicoke-Lakeshore can simply call up City Hall and borrow a garbage truck for a few hours for a photo-op. Something stinks and it’s not the garbage truck,” continued Milczyn.


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