David Switzer comments regarding the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment project

David Switzer of Long Branch has given me permission to share his overview of the current stage of the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment project.

David Switzer comments:

I am satisfied with the revised plan that cobbles only part of the sandy beach for which we get a large natural habitat.

My area of concern now is the effects of the construction such as truck traffic along Lake Shore Blvd. and through the park and storage of fill on the Arsenal Lands.

I would also like to address post construction issues such a additional parking (the increased usage resulting from the improvements to Marie Curtis has resulted in parking overflowing onto 42nd street and Lake Promedade).

Further, without good lighting and some human activities you could have a great nature habitat but a black hole that would discourage pedestrian and cycling traffic which is the basic intent of the “connect” project.

I am also using the concession of part of our beloved beach to get historical interpretive signage explaining the early day when it was an resort and a sand spit. If not on the beach perhaps in the Small Arms building.

From the list of 135 comments that LWCP has received at the outreach meetings I summarized [without comment, on this occasion] the following:

No consultation

Save the sandy beach

View and smell of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Removal of trees

Islands interference with wind surfing


Picnic tables and barbecues

Raise the lake bed with stones

Just build a trail only

Sludge (?)

Bird Watcher’s access to settling ponds

Dead end trail

The other beach in front of the Treatment Facility

I hope this summary is helpful. I am sure you would get different viewpoint from others.


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