Council endorses Etobicoke Creek Trail funding (July 24, 2013 Etobicoke Guardian article)

A July 24, 2013 Etobicoke Guardian article by Tamara Shephard is entitled “Council endorses Etobicoke Creek Trail funding.” [Click on the link in previous sentence to access the article.]

I owe thanks to Robert for letting me know of this story; a recent message from him reads as follows:

Hey people… I saw this article in the Etobicoke Guardian a few weeks back… GOOD NEWS!

Perhaps all the letter writing and advocacy that the community did in the Spring, in support of keeping the funds for the Sherway Trail, helped to sway some opinions on Council.

[Click on link in previous sentence to see a Google Map of the Sherway Trail.]

Thanks to all those who helped to raise awareness about this issue.

And, thanks to Cllr Mark Grimes (Ward-6) for his help to champion the Trail at Council.

Anyhow, we’re glad to see the funding for the Sherway Trail extension is still committed; now we just need MTO to move a bit quicker on the EA and approvals for moving forward on the project.

This 700m trail extension under the QEW is a key connector in the trail network, and will make it safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists to travel between south-central Etobicoke/Mississauga and the Lake.

I hope to be RIDING my bike through that area next summer, rather than walking through it like I do now.


Robert has added:

Hey Jaan… Thanks for posting that article on your blog.

I didn’t put this in my original note, but I want to acknowledge the long-term efforts of TRCA and CCFEW and other citizens/groups in advocating for this trail (since approx 2005). THEY are the ones who deserve some kudos.


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