The Bicycle Committee meets at LAMP on September 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm

I enjoy keeping track of initiatives related to bicycles.

I also enjoy keeping track of information – to the extent that time permits and in the context of my limited access (something that I always keep in mind) to it – related to South Etobicoke and South Mississauga.

My major focus, however, is getting up to speed on Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

Learning professional video editing, which includes audio editing, is like learning a new language. What a delight to be involved in this pursuit. You may notice that I will cut down on blogging from time to time.

I have in recent years accumulated extensive video footage on a wide range of topics, often focused upon the Lakeshore communities, and look forward to sharing edited videos based on them.

That will take time. Similarly, it took me several years to get the Preserved Stories website designed. I’m pleased I took the time, as the site works well, from the feedback I’ve received, as a means of sharing information. I’m absolutely delighted that the site – and similar sites in our communities – can serve such a purpose.

With social media, dealing with content hasn’t changed all that much, in my experience, but the means of distribution – and the ability to learn from other people – has been augmented.

I especially like online communications when they are directly connected with things that we do in the offline world – such as riding a physical bicycle on a physical trail, talking with people on the phone or in person, and attending small-group and large-group face to face meetings.

And now, here’s some information about The Bicycle Committee (in time I’ll remind myself what ESCC stands for):

Following message is from David Juliusson regarding the Bike meeting September 17, 2013 at LAMP


With fall fast approaching it is time we met over what we wish to accomplish for cycling in our ward. The meeting is from 7- 9PM at LAMP.

I have a tentative agenda. If anyone wishes to add anything let me know.

1. Etobicoke Creek Trail. David Switzer and Robert have been working actively on it. An update on what is happening. Robert has also been attending Cycle Toronto Trails Committee meetings. What they have been discussing.

2. Cycle Toronto has their Captains meeting September 10. What was discussed and how it relates to our ward.

3. TDSB cycling committee. What other bike initiatives can we work on for schools.

No Frills at Lake Shore Blvd. West and Brown's Line in South Etobicoke. Jaan Pill

4. Bike mean Business. Jim Carr had success in convincing No Frills to adopt bike parking. Can we expand on that with other businesses?

The new bike racks are close to the entrance. Jaan Pill photo

New bike parking at No Frills. Jaan Pill photo

5. Pan Am Games. We had put this aside but things are happening now. Pan Am staff are hired, monies are starting to be spent. How can we start moving on this again?

6. Bike parking for Gus Ryder is non existent. Bikes must park illegally along the accessibilty ramp. How can we get them to put in proper bike parking?

7. Signage for Mimico Linear Park is still not installed despite promises. How can we get it installed?

8. Carole Goyette has stated she is willing to help us look for funding if we have any projects of interest. I have delayed writing her back. If anyone has any ideas, please bring them to the meeting.

Before the meeting, if you time look at the new Ontario Cycling Strategy. Think about how we can use it to advance projects in our neighbourhood

[End of message from David Juliusson]

David Switzer writes (September 6, 2013): “I feel that the trail is much safer”


Thank for your action. I cycled down to Maurice J. Breen from Sherway today and passed the barricades and tape. I feel that the trail is much safer. I expected that restoration would understandably take some time but was grateful that the trail was made passable quickly after the storm.

David Switzer

The context for the above-noted comments is as follows:

Dave Chapman is Parks Supervisor, Wards 5 & 6, Etobicoke York District.

On September 6, 2013, Dave Chapman shared the following message:


Leslie [Coates] and Lori [Ellis] in response to your e-Mails and after speaking to both of you this morning I can let you know that I was in a meeting this morning with Nancy Gaffney and Connie Pinto of the TRCA re a number of Parks along the Waterfront. At that time I spoke to them about the restoration required along the Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, and Humber River. They have informed me that the TRCA have been along all of the water courses and they are putting together a plan for the restoration of a number of sites along each of the water courses. They have also informed me that although it is expected that TRCA will be doing restoration along these areas, it will not be happening this year.

For this reason I have had my staff take extra barricades out to the Etobicoke creek Path to assist with security along the edge this weekend. On Monday we will be making a more permanent safety barrier along the creek side and where possible we will fill along the edges of the pathway to eliminate some safety issues.

Additional comment

Since writing this post, I’ve come across a September 7, 2013 Salon article

The title and subtext read as follows:

Political power on two wheels: Don’t mess with the bikers!

Forget Boss Tweed or newspaper endorsements: There’s a surprising new political power in big cities – bicyclists


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