Message from Russ Ford, Executive Director at LAMP

Following is a Dec. 15, 2013 message from Russ Ford:

Let’s start off with good news. It is official, Vincent Massey has been saved at least the school has and therefore the day care. Hats off to the parents of Vincent Massey. It would not have happened had they not organized. What seems to be on the table now is the fate of green space around the school.

The trash bag tax that the city was to impose on charities and churches has been suspended for a year. That means it will be back on the table next year but this is the second year in a row the tax man has backed down.

I am taking a few weeks off from the blog. I will return early January. This week I take a look at the city budget and how its structure could affect communities. It is at I grant you that taxes are usually not the most exciting thing to write about, but I hope you find it at least interesting and hopefully thought provoking.

Councillors Peter Milczyn and Perter Leon will be holding a town hall meeting on the budget on Saturday January 18 at 1:00 at the Etobicoke Civic Centre.

I had some font problems on the blog, my apologies I hope to have that fixed for Janaury.

So that`s it, enjoy the season and have a happy holiday

Russ Ford

Executive Director


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