Jane’s Walk Annual available for purchase at www.blurb.ca

Update: The Jane’s Walk annual is now on sale at blurb.ca. [End of update]

I’m pleased to share with you the following information regarding the Jane’s Walk Annual, which includes a text by Jaan Pill and a photo by Gay Chisholm regarding the Jane’s Walk in Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey).

Nadia Halim, Editorial Coordinator at Jane’s Walk, wrote (Dec. 10, 2013):

We’ve just received the hard-copy proof, and it looks great! We’re going through it right now and fixing type colours, etc. Blurb doesn’t have a setup for pre-ordering, but we’re hoping to get the finished book up tomorrow.

Blurb is at www.blurb.ca

On Nov. 28, 2013 Nadia Halim wrote:

Hello, friends of the Jane’s Walk Annual,

Just a quick update on the progress of the first issue of the Annual! We’ve finished putting the book together, and are now waiting for a final “proof” copy. Once we receive that, we’ll give it one last proofread, incorporate all the edits and changes you’ve requested, and the book will be available to order!

We’re using Blurb.ca, an online print-on-demand publishing service. You will be able to order the book from anywhere in the world, and Blurb will print copies and ship them out as they are ordered.

We are aiming to make the book available on or around December 11. If you would like to purchase the book as a gift, note that you may have to order it as soon as it’s available in order to guarantee delivery by December 25th –  check Blurb’s holiday shipping deadlines for details. The minute it’s ready to go, I’ll send out an e-mail and let you know!

Proceeds from the sale of the Annual will allow Jane’s Walk to reach out to many new cities around the world, and to a wide range of neighbourhoods and communities within those cities. We’re growing fast, and we couldn’t possibly do it without you. Thanks so much!


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