Grade 7 class picture – about 1958-1958 – Cartierville School in Montreal

Cartierville School, Grade 7 graduating class. We assume (at this point) that this is from the 1958-1959 school year. Photo courtesy of Howard Hight.

As a follow-up to recent posts about Cartierville School, which you can find at the Malcolm Campbell High School category at this website, I’m pleased to share with you a photo that Howard Hight has emailed to me. We’ll try to get a high resolution scan so that we view the photo in more detail. I recall the point, in my teaching career in Toronto, when smoking was no longer permitted within school buildings. From the signs in the photo, it may be noted that in the 1950s some places within a school were okay for smoking, some were not.

This photo is from a tweet dated April 6, 2014 from Deb Matthews, Ontario's Minister of Education. It's a retweet: "Beautiful. RT @History_Pics: Couple pose for picture in the same place, 51 years apart. Amazing." I've posted it as it reminds me that some people from MCHS I haven't seen for over 50 years!


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