Additional comments from Cheryl (Casino) Houston regarding MCHS Sixties Reunion

Here are some additional comments (she’s given me permission to post them) from Cheryl (Casino) Houston, who learned about the reunion by accident (which is a great way to learn about anything, in my experience):

“The cost that you’ve suggested for the evening is very reasonable. However, there are a lot of things to consider: the rental of the space, the meal, music (DJ?), A-V equipment rental, the cost of nametages, etc. etc. It may have to go higher.

“I still haven’t connected with the organizing committee from the Lachine High reunion to get their suggestions etc. But will try again next week.

Horsehead - Painting by Kathy Dawson - 11-D. Source: 1962-63 MCHS annual

“Since I copied you on my email message to Howard [Hight], you know that there are websites for Wally Rhead and Ulrich Laska. I leave it to you or Howard to try to get in touch with them. I will try to connect with classmates from IID via Google. Kathy (Kathleen) Dawson is a fantastic artist and has a super website. (She also had a painting in the ’63 Annual).”

[Update: Howard Hight has indeed been in touch with Ulrich Laska. We look forward to additional updates.]

Kathy Dawson, Wally Rhead, and Ulrich Laska

“Today I discovered that my 3 friends  – Kathy Dawson, Wally Rhead and Ulrich Laska – from Grade 12 all have websites relating to their businesses! I’ve never thought to look for them before, but on the other hand, I’ve had no reason to try. Wally appears to be in charge of AlarmForce Saskatchewan, while Ulrich has his own company in Richmond, BC. As a former classmate of these 2, maybe YOU can contact them via their websites? Meanwhile, I will send a message to Kathy Dawson and try contacting other members of 11D by entering their names on Google. As I am not on Facebook, I don’t know how that could be another option.”


It’s great to get suggestions from so many people, about so many topics.


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