An MCHS mini-reunion will take place in Montreal Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is going to be a get together of MCHS grads from the ’60s in Montreal in August to commemorate the fact that it has been 50+ years since we graduated from those hallowed halls AND that we are still here to prove it.

Date: Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Time: Happy Hour 4:30 – 7:00 (with the option to stay for supper later)

Locale: Via Marcello Restaurant

1790 Cote Vertu, St Laurent

(Corner of Cote Vertu and Marcel Laurin)


Please feel free to bring spouses and/or significant others.


RSVP to: Tim Hewlings or Cheryl Houston in Montreal. You can send an RSVP via a Comment at the end of this blog post. The RSVP will not be posted to this website; instead it will be sent directly to Tim Hewlings or Cheryl Houston.

Alternatively, you can send the RSVP to Jaan Pill at or to Howard Hight at – they will forward your RSVP.


Update regarding planning for MCHS mini-reunion in Montreal in mid-August 2014

An MCHS Sixties grad is interested in a mini-reunion – a casual get together – in Montreal in mid-August 2014


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  1. Sharon kake
    Sharon kake says:

    The next time you have it on a weekend let me know. I live in Ottawa and cannot make it during the week.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    That’s good to know, Sharon. It’s a good point to keep in mind for future reference. If a future mini-reunion is held on a weekend in Montreal, we’ll let you know for sure.

    In this case, we scheduled it for a weekday evening to ensure that the person who originated the reunion idea, and who is travelling from Australia to PEI with a stopover in Montreal, would be able to attend the event.

  3. Klari Emmons
    Klari Emmons says:

    I’m very interested in attending the mini reunion on the 13th of August. Do you have any recommendations for a hotel/motel close by the restuarant.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I won’t be attending the mini-reunion, and for that reason won’t be doing any research about nearby hotels or motels.

    However, here’s a comment that I have received, which may be of value to potential attendees:

    “I am not that familiar with the area where the restaurant is and whether there is a hotel/motel close by, say within walking distance.

    “If Klari is flying in, there are several hotels on Cote de Liesse – the Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn.

    “Cote de Liesse is the main route from the airport to St Laurent (where the restaurant is). So, a hotel on Cote de Liesse would be an option since the restaurant would be a relatively short taxi ride away.

    “If she is driving to Montreal, Cote de Liesse would also work.”

  5. Mary Lynne Dewhurst
    Mary Lynne Dewhurst says:

    Looking forward to attending as long as I am in Quebec. Am back and forth between Toronto and the Laurentians during the summer these last few years.

  6. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Good to know. Quite a few MCHS grads retain some connection to the Laurentians – a beautiful place to spend time during the summer, and in some cases all year long.


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