If you are Sixties MCHS alumna or alumnus, consider joining these three Facebook Groups

Three Facebook Groups related to Malcolm Campbell High School (that I have learned about to date) are of interest.

It’s worth your while to join these groups, and to participate in discussions (and uploading of archival photos and the like) to them:

MCHS ’60s Reunion Group

Malcolm Campbell High School Grads

MCHS Class of ’68


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  1. John Kovac
    John Kovac says:

    How sad that our class of 71 is left off the invite list . We spent most of our time at MCHS in the Sixties , but get squeezed out of the fun reunion by a year .Think it over . I’m sure we can get a nice turn out for our year as well . John

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    The last time the organizing committee addressed this topic, John, the decision was firm. However, I will make a point of letting the committee know of your views. We will get back to you. Jaan

  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:


    Here’s the discussion to date, among the MCHS Sixties Reunion organizing committee. I’ve made a point to share the dialogue, because above all else, we feel it’s important that the reunion is developed with input from as many sources, and with as high a degree of transparency with regard to decision making, as possible.


    Interesting dilemma. Thought we had resolved before. BUT and there is always a but.
    You had suggested we could get 300 folks. Frankly within our present configuration as planned, l do not see us reaching that nimber.
    Our present list is approx 105?? Not all that list will come.for a myriad of reasons.

    I therefore suggest a rethinking of the invitees to be.all MCHS students who were at the school any time during the 60s. Let it be a celebration of the 60s by those who were in high school during the 60s..

    Did you attend MCHS anytime DURING THE 60s ? Join us in Toronto Oct 17, 2015 .

    Think about it? Opens the doors to those who were there in the 60s at any stage of their high school career.

    Just food for thought.

    SECOND COMMENT (this is a paraphrase):

    This perspective has merit, in my view, and warrants close thought. The matter has been expressed in a way that is clearer than would have occurred to me, had I tried to put my thoughts together on this topic.

    The fact that we have a well organized MCHS Sixties Reunion database team in place, and thus have a good sense of potential overall attendance, adds weight to the remarks from the FIRST COMMENT person.

    The criterion that a person attended in the 1960s — that is a concept that had not occurred to me. The concept has merit, in my view. There is value, I believe, in further discussion about this topic.

    THIRD COMMENT (this is a paraphrase):

    The ideas from the FIRST COMMENT person are great it will bring some “young blood” into the group – looking forward to discussing this option plus any other ie – colour code everyone so that it will be easier to check out who was in your classes.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    The outcome of the above-noted discussion, in the event you are tuning in late, was that any person who attended or worked at MCHS at any point in the Sixties is eligible to attend the MCHS ’60s Reunion taking place at Old Mill Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015.

    This means that any person who was at MCHS in the Sixties – including those who began in the 1960s and graduated in the 1970s, or who left MCHS in the 1960s to join the workforce before graduation, or who attended in the 1960s and then went on to some other high school – is eligible to attend the MCHS 2015 Reunion.

    Here for your interest is an overview of the discussion, to which many people contributed, and the decision that came out of it:



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