When your flight arrives at the airport, it’s helpful to read this sign

The sign reads: "Taking a taxi or limo?" Jaan Pill photo

In the course of travelling in recent years, I’ve had reason to ponder the distinction between regulated and unregulated taxis at airports.

This sign at the Toronto Pearson Airport is worth reading closely.

Once you know where the regular taxis and limos are lined up, at any airport, life is easier for you than it otherwise would be. Among other advantages, regulated taxis cost less than the unofficial variety.

Taking a taxi or limo?

The sign reads: “Taking a taxi or limo? Get the right ride. Only licensed Toronto Pearson Taxi and Limos ensure a flat rate fare for you. Please proceed to the designated Taxi or Limo Pick-up area on the curb, near Column D.”

Why “taxi and limos” instead of “taxis and limos,” in the above-noted text? It may be that “taxi and limo” is being treated as a single compound word. Or there may be another reason.  The text as it is appears to work fine. It’s a well written text. It communicates a lot of information, succinctly. It has the voice of a single writer, as contrasted to the voice typically associated with text created by a committee. It may, however, been created by a very clever committee of writers.

Credit card records

A related topic: Check your credit card records closely, to ensure you’ve not been double charged, or subjected to unauthorized charges, on any items related to your travels, or related to any other topic.


"Taking a taxi or limo? Only licensed Toronto Pearson Taxi or Limos ensure a flat rate fare for you." Jaan Pill photo


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