Take precautions when using hotel Wi-Fi

A Jan. 7, 2015 CBC article is entitled: “Hotel Wi-Fi exposes woman’s passport, credit card numbers: Hotel Wi-Fi comes with major privacy concerns, expert says.”

The article includes 5 tips on how to protect yourself on hotel Wi-Fi.

The opening paragraphs read:

“A woman who received an anonymous warning after logging onto a Winnipeg hotel’s Wi-Fi is afraid she may be a victim of identity theft.

“The woman checked in to the Canada Inns Fort Garry on Monday, and got a phone call from a stranger that night.

“‘He didn’t actually say who he was,’ she said. ‘He said he was a guy sitting in the pub of the hotel having a drink on his cellphone, and he could access all of this information.’

“CBC is concealing the woman’s identity because she is afraid her privacy has been violated.

“The stranger had an urgent warning for the woman.

“‘He said, “I know your husband’s name. I see your passport. I see all your computer information. You have to log off of your Wi-Fi right now because I can see all your credit card numbers, I can see your photos – everything!” He could see everything. It was quite creepy,’ she said.

“The woman realized her laptop’s file sharing had been activated from the last time she was on her home network.”

[End of excerpt]


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