Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey leads Jane’s Walk in Lakeview (Mississauga) at 12:00 noon on Sunday, May 3, 2015

You can find details about the walk at the Jane’s Walk website, at the Mississauga Jane’s Walks category:

Small Arms Building – Saved from Destruction in 2009

From Small Arms to Lake Ontario and back, with stops at Hanlan Water Project and Long Branch Rifle Ranges



1) Please note that there are no washroom facilities in the building or anywhere on the walk. This is a point to keep in mind. And: We are pleased to add that Lily, at Lily’s Place, across the street from the Small Arms Building, has informed us that anyone from Jane’s Walk or volunteers at the building are welcome to use her washroom facilities anytime she is open. We much appreciate her help! Please cross safely – at the lights – if you are visiting Lily’s Place – as a great place to have lunch, and to use the facilities if you need to;

2) The Lakeview Waterfront Connection display can easily be set up in the grand hall if by chance it is windy and the decision is made not to set up the displays at the Lake Ontario shoreline.

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A temporary new entrance to the Small Arms building is located east of Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East. Click on the photo for a closer view of the vintage No. 2 Highway sign at the left side of the image. Jaan Pill photo

The temporary entrance features a No. 2 Highway sign, which you can also observe in photo at top of page. Jaan Pill photo


The walk begins at the front yard of the Small Arms Building at 1352 Lakeshore Road East at the foot of Dixie Road. Parking is available at the back of the building. For parking, enter the roadway to the east of the construction barrier that is located at the Hanlan Feedermain Project. If travelling by public transit, the building is close to the Long Branch Loop.

Many other historic buildings in the area are gone but the Small Arms Building remains. As a result of efforts by the local community in Lakeview the structure was designated in 2009 as a historic building under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Inside the building, we review the role that Canadian women played as munitions workers during the Second World War. We next visit the Hanlan Feedermain Project located directly east of the Small Arms Building. We then proceed west along Lakeshore Road East and arrive at the east side of Applewood Creek.

At that location, we enter the Waterfront Trail and proceed toward Lake Ontario, stopping along the way to observe the wooden baffles that remain as remnants of the Long Branch Rifle Ranges. At a display (weather permitting) set up by Credit Valley Conservation at the shoreline of Lake Ontario, we review the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project. We then retrace our steps and arrive back at the Small Arms Building.

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Councillor Jim Tovey will host and lead the walk


At “Jane’s Walk – How To” meeting at Long Branch Library on April 18, 2015, Jim Tovey outlines history of Lakeview Legacy Project. Jaan Pill photo

In presentation at the Long Branch Library on April 18, 2015, Jim Tovey points out features of the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project. Jaan Pill photo

At April 18, 2015 meeting at Long Branch Library, Jim Tovey notes key features of Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project. Jaan Pill photo

Detail from April 18, 2015 preservation. Jaan Pill photo

Detail from April 18, 2015 presentation. Jaan Pill photo

Jim Tovey is Councillor for Ward 1 in Mississauga and a Region of Peel Councillor. One of six children born to Second World War veteran John Tovey and Joan Munn, a war bride from London England, Jim was born and raised in Victory Village in Mississauga. After a fifteen-year career as a vocalist, Jim returned to school for training in carpentry and architectural technology.

As President of the Lakeview Ratepayers Association Jim led that group to become the first citizen group in North America to create a community-driven Master Plan adopted by all levels of Government. The Legacy Project has received two National awards for Urban Planning.

Among other positions, Jim represents Mississauga on the Credit Valley and Toronto Regional Conservation Authorities and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

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Photo display from Small Arms Ltd.

Click here to access a collection of online photos at flickr >

Parking at Small Arms Building

The Small Arms Building is located at 1352 Lakeshore Road at Dixie Road. Due to the construction of the Hanlan Feedermain, the entrance to the on-site parking has been moved east of the building to the far side of the construction barrier.


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