Recent emails (Brian Liberty; Jennifer Keesmaat; David Godley) concerned with urgent Long Branch urban planning matters

On May 10, 2015 Brian Liberty of Long Branch wrote:

Hello everyone,

A happy Sunday to you, and Happy Mother’s day to those celebrating.

View of Lake Ontario from near Lake Promenade in Long Branch. Jaan Pill photo

View of Lake Ontario from near Lake Promenade in Long Branch. Jaan Pill photo

On Friday, David Godley received an email (see below) from the City’s Chief Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat in response to his meeting summary that was sent following the May 4th community meeting.

Her message outlines the importance of addressing the range of issues that were brought up and that swift steps must be taken in the short term while the higher level policy framework – at the municipal and provincial levels – goes through the required processes.

I can’t tell you how significant this email is from Ms. Keesmaat.

Moving forward, we hope to provide a first hand tour of Long Branch shortly with her and Neil Cresswell, Director of Etobicoke Planning to view some of the planning failures that have been permitted in recent years.

Congratulations on your efforts and keep it up.

All the best,
Brian Liberty
35th St.

May 8, 2015 message from Jennifer Keesmaat, MES, MCIP, RPP. Chief Planner & Executive Director, City Planning Division, City of Toronto to David Godley of Long Branch

Date: Fri, 08 May 2015 17:00:13 -0400
From: Jennifer Keesmaat <>
Reply-To: Jennifer Keesmaat <>
Subject: Long Branch
To: [that is, David Godley]


Thank you for your earlier correspondence. Following City Council over the past three days, I have spent a good part of today in meetings with Neil Cresswell reviewing in detail the history of Long Branch, its ongoing development activity, current issues, and notes pertaining to Committee of Adjustment hearings as well as outstanding matters (such as illegal tree removals).

I’ve also reviewed your comments in detail. Many of the issues you identify are consistent with pressures we are experiencing in other parts of the City that are also facing growth and change. However, it seems to me that the aggressiveness of the applications and the activities of the developers in Long Branch is acute.

I have reviewed with staff a series of strategies that we could potentially employ to address these planning and development issues. At this point in time, I will need to review these options with your Councillor, Mark Grimes, in order to consider how best to proceed.

I understand that you have had extensive correspondence with local planning staff. My Director, Neil Cresswell will continue to be your best point of contact as we go forward. I will be working closely with both Neil and your Councillor to determine next steps. I recognize from your meeting notes regarding the public meeting on May 4th that you and others felt frustration that tangible strategies to address the problem at hand were not forthcoming. I want to assure you that working with the local Councillor, I am seeking to expedite advancing a way forward.


Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer Keesmaat, MES, MCIP, RPP
Chief Planner & Executive Director
City Planning Division
City of Toronto
City Hall, 12th Floor East
100 Queen St W | Toronto M5H 2N2
T 416-392-8772 | F 416-392-8115
Twitter: @jen_keesmaat


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