Scott Munro (MCHS 1963) and Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg were among our featured performers at the Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS ’60s Reunion

Scott Munro and Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg were among our featured performers at the MCHS ’60s Reunion at Old Mill Toronto. Scott Munro played “Amazing Grace” at the Reunion and also shared ’60s-era stories about teachers at Malcolm Campbell High School.

Early 1960s MCHS Phys Ed teacher Soryl Rosenberg, who was only a few years older than the students she taught – and became good friends with – read out an address from early 1960s MCHS History teacher Graeme Decarie, who was not able to attend the Reunion but who has been in ongoing contact with us for the past couple of years via email.

Soryl also conducted a Show and Tell presentation featuring many items of interest that she has been saving for over fifty years. She also shared stories about experiences that she had as a teacher, including the occasion where she bought a boa constrictor to a Biology class. What happened next, which was not entirely appetizing for the observers, we will leave for the moment; we’ll have to wait until we’ve finished transcribing the text of Soryl’s talk.

Overview of all of the presentations – by Scott, Graeme, and Soryl among others – will be posted when our transcripts, of the audio recordings, have been completed.

The presentations were introduced by Ron Reim, husband of Hannah Reim (MCHS 1968). Ron did a great job on the introductions and we much appreciate his participation in the event. As we have noted, Spouses and Guests of Attendees were the stars of the show, and the guests of honour, along with everybody else who joined us for this festive occasion.


The photo is from Gina (Davis) Cayer.

The photo is from Gina (Davis) Cayer.


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