Re: Long Branch representation with regard to mediation in relation to Committee of Adjustment applications

David Godley had sent out some message earlier, by way of an email message to people with an interest in these topics; some background material – I’m guessing it was from CORRA – was missing; here it is (I have broken longer paragraphs into shorter ones, for ease of online reading).

I want to mention in passing that I am not a member of the planning council that the text refers to.

David Godley writes:

Thanks to everyone who caught the background material missing. The meeting date has yet to be fixed.


[End of note from David; the background text that he has shared reads as follows.]


On June 30, 2015, Council’s Executive Committee requested City staff to consult with ratepayer organizations, industry stakeholders and other interested parties on the establishment of a Mediation Program for the Committee of Adjustment (C
of A).

The purpose of a focus group is to have a round table discussion with regard to mediation with a smaller number of interested ratepayers from across the City who have attended, observed and participated in C of A panel hearings and who may have attended OMB hearings and/or OMB led mediation sessions relating to appeals of decisions of the C of A.

The consultation with representatives from your association is intended to provide City staff with your input with regard to possible mediation options to resolve disputes related to Committee of Adjustment decisions about minor variance and/or consent applications prior to appeals being heard by the Ontario Municipal Board or the City’s Local Appeal Body (once established).

Mediation options being considered include having mediation on the same day as the C of A hearing and/or following a C of A hearing that’s been deferred, in order to allow for mediation prior to the subsequent and final hearing taking place. Mediation could apply to either some or all Committee of Adjustment application types and/or could involve mediation assessment criteria to determine if mediation should take place at all.

Mediation, in this instance, would mean a structured process whereby a trained
and accredited outside (independent) mediator would help affected parties, who
have agreed to meet, to reach a voluntary mutually acceptable solution on the
issue(s) in dispute concerning a minor variance and/or consent application(s).

Here are some questions for your representative to think about in advance of the

1. Do you think that introducing a mediation program as part of the Committee of Adjustment decision-making process, prior to the Committee of Adjustment panel making its decision with regard to a minor variance and/or consent application, would help resolve more application related disputes?
2. Do you think mediation could be a means to improve Committee of Adjustment decision outcomes?

3. What type of Committee of Adjustment applications do you think could benefit most from mediation? Applications dealing with new construction? Change of use? Consents?

On 05/11/2015 9:09 AM, David Godley wrote:

So much is happening yet real improvement seems slow.

I have been asked by Lakeshore Planning Council if someone from Long Branch would like to attend this meeting.

CORRA specifically asked for Long Branch residents to attend.

LPCC is part of CORRA the Co-ordinating body for Neighbourhood Associations in Toronto.

Let CORRA know if you wish to attend and copy me please. Space is very limited though.

It is recognised this is quite a commitment at short notice.


CORRA Update: Round Table Discussion

Nov. 4, 2015

Topic – Mediation Options for Committee of Adjustment Decisions

To CORRA Members, Resident and Ratepayer Executives:

CORRA has been requested by the City’s project team to assist in reaching out to our members and groups to seek your interest in joining a discussion to consider mediation as part of the City’s Committee of Adjustment decision-making process.

The City’s project team is looking for representation from groups with direct experience of attending, observing and participating at the Committee of Adjustment for this focused discussion. Attached is the background materials for the discussion.



Space is limited. Please email CORRA at by

12:00 Noon on Monday November 9, 2015 to reserve a seat

Attached is the Background Material for the discussion. Meeting details and venue to follow.

Again, please email CORRA at of your group’s interest to participate – please provide CORRA with the name of the person representing your group, only one person per group. CORRA will inform the City’s project team of the groups wishing to attend. And further meeting details and venue will follow.

Thank you,

CORRA Executive Team

Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations in Toronto

This communication is being sent out to Member groups and associations:

ABC Residents Association; Annex Residents’ Association; Ardwold Gate Residents Association; Avenue Road & Eglinton Community Association; Bloor West Village Residents Association; Bayview Village Association; Beach Triangle Residents Association; Bloor West Village Residents Association; Corktown Residents Association; Danforth East Community Association; Deer Park Residents Group Inc.;

Don Mills Resident Inc.; Don Valley East Residents Association; Dovercourt Park Community; Edithvale-Yonge Community Association; Edward Gardens Neighbourhood Association Inc.; Eglinton Park Residents Association; Etobicoke Lakeshore Residents Association; Fifeshire Road Area Community Association; Forest Hill Homeowners’ Association; Glenorchy Residents’ Association; Grange Community Association;

Harbord Village Residents Association; Islington Residents & Ratepayers Association; Kensington Market Action Committee; Kingsway Park Ratepayers Inc.; Lakeshore Planning Council; Lawrence Park Ratepayers’ Association Inc.; Leaside Property Owners’ Association; Liberty Village Residents’ Association; Lytton Park Residents Organization Inc.; Markland Wood Homeowners Association; Moore Park Residents Association; North Rosedale Residents Association; Old Mill Community Association;

Oriole Park Association; Ossington Community Association; Palmerston Area Residents Association; Playter Area Residents Association; Queensway Residents Association; St. Andrews Ratepayers’ Association; Sherwood Park Residents’ Association; South Armour Heights Residents’ Association;

South Eglinton Ratepayers and Residents Association; South Rosedale Residents Association TO; Stanley Knowles Housing Co-Op; Summerhill Residents Association; Swansea Area Residents Association; Teddington Park Residents Association Inc.; Thompson Orchard Community Association; Toronto Beach East Residents Association; Uptown Yonge Neighbourhood Alliance;

West Kingsway Ratepayers Association; West Lansing Homeowners Association; Yonge Ridge Homeowners Association; York Mills Gardens Community Association; York Mills Ratepayers Association Inc.; York Mills Valley Association; Other West and East End Resident and Ratepayer Groups


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