Message of thanks from David Juliusson, to Councillor Mark Grimes for the councillor’s great assistance with Cycle Track in southern Etobicoke

The image if the proposed Bio-Directional Bike Lane along Lake Shore Blvd. West, between Norris Crescent and First Street in Ward 6, is from the Biking Toronto post referenced at the page you are now reading.

Image of proposed Bio-Directional Bike Lane along Lake Shore Blvd. West is from a Feb. 24, 2016 Biking Toronto post referred to at a previous Preserved Stories post.  Click on image to enlarge it.

A previous post about cycling news from southern Etobicoke is entitled:

Lake Shore Blvd. West Cycle Track has been approved by City of Toronto Council

David Juliusson of Long Branch wishes to share the following additional message regarding the Cycle Track:

To Councillor Grimes

I wish to thank you for your support on getting the cycle track on the Lakeshore from 1st to Norris passed. It will make a real difference in my commute to work. I believe there is an opportunity to expand upon that work in an economical manner

As you know there is the sewer work occurring on the Lakeshore right now. The road is dug up to Superior Ave. Once done it will need to be repaved. That is the cheapest time to put in cycling infrastructure

It makes sense to me. There have been many complaints about cyclists on the Waterfront Trail. Expanding to Superior would mean that many cyclists would bypass the entire first phase of the trail. The would be on the Lakeshore, not the overcrowded and not bicycle friendly Phase 1 of the Waterfront Trail.

Most importantly, it would be used by commuters such as myself and the club riders who are the ones most of the complaints are generated about. If given the option they will get off the Waterfront Trail thus reducing the number of complaints

Secondly, Trustee Pamela Gough is heavily involved in a Safe Routes to School strategy. One of the schools most heavily involved is John English. Expanding a cycle track will give students living south of the Lakeshore a safe way to get to school. They can ride to Superior and take the new cycle lane on Stanley.

It will provide economic opportunity for the businesses on the Lakeshore. When I ride, I stop at Sobeys, go to the bank, buy fruit at the store on Mimico Ave. Cyclists shop locally. When I drive or follow the Waterfront Trail, I bypass Mimico businesses altogether. Cyclists shop locally.

Finally we are heading into the main biking season. Already I have seen the club riders moving fast and in large groups. Many of them are from out of our ward. Because of all the condominium construction downtown, they are along the waterfront.

Going north is not a good ride. East isn’t great, south is the lake. That leaves west. We have more density around Humber Bay shores too.

Commuting cyclists need to be encouraged to help with gridlock. I can now ride to work from Long Branch faster than I can drive because of the traffic at Parklawn. We are going to see an increase in cyclists which means there will be an increase in complaints your office.

Already there is talk of the entire Lakeshore having a bike lane or cycle track. There is a chance now because of the sewer work to expand cheaply right now. I believe it should be taken advantage of.


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