Chapter 1: Cartierville School in Montreal

Jaan Pill. Source: 1962-63 Malcolm Campbell High School yearbook

In a previous post, I’ve discussed Graeme Decarie’s recommendation that Malcolm Campbell High School grads start working on their Autobiography Stories.

A short version of a part of my story appears in a post entitled:

MCHS bio for Jaan Pill, class of ’63 

Below is a draft of another part of the autobiography story that I’ve begun to write.

Practising judo in school yards in the 1950s

What I learned as a child, at recess times in elementary school – at Cartierville School and Morison School in Montreal in the 1950s – has served me well.

I learned about a judo move whereby a kid can flip another kid through the air, so they land flat on their back in the snow.

Another judo move, which I also enjoyed practising, involved sensing when another student was running toward me from behind, in the snow, intent on knocking me over from behind. At the last moment, I would duck down and the student would go flying over me.

I have kept these judo principles in mind in the years that have followed.



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  1. graeme decarie
    graeme decarie says:

    Jaan, Can you please send me a copy of my chapter 1? Or tell me how to find it on the MCHS site? The one on my word pad is all messed up.

    I just had a post from Phillippa (McGowan). She’s Jim McGowan’s eldest child – and she’s my goddaughter – whom I have not seen since 1970 or so. She’s long married, lives in California, and will be passing through Moncton some time this summer. I taught Jim’s youngest girl at Concordia. She’s married, too, and – I think – living in Montreal.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Graeme, here’s the link to Chapter 1:

    Graeme Decarie, retired Concordia U history prof, encourages us to write our autobiography stories; here’s Graeme’s Chapter 1

    You can always find your chapters by clicking on “Autobiography Stories” at the menu at the lower left of the opening page at my website.

    That’s a delight to know that you are in touch with Jim McGowan’s eldest child, and that you taught another of Jim’s daughters at Concordia. It’s wonderful to know of such connections!


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