Mike Smith of GDSS has prepared 3D renderings & shadow studies for Nov. 3, 2016 hearing regarding 14 Villa Road

3D rendering of Mike Smith showing view of proposed houses as they would appear at 10:00 am in the month of March.

3D rendering by Mike Smith showing a General Visual Representation of the proposed 14 Villa houses as they would appear at 10:00 am in the month of March.

We are working with South Etobicoke resident Mike Smith to prepare 3D renderings and shadow studies related to the 14 Villa Road Application.

Mike is preparing 3D renderings for the Villa Road residents who will be speaking at or after 5:00 pm at the Nov. 3, 2016 Committee of Adjustment meeting at the Etobicoke Civic Centre.

We will post the renderings at the Preserved Stories website in the next few days. The renderings are 75 percent ready.

Mike Smith is preparing the renderings for a nominal fee that takes into account the nature of the work that he is doing for residents at Villa Road.

That is, Mike is helping fellow residents to ensure that the visualization, provided by way of 3D renderings, will serve as a visual representation of the properties and structures that we are addressing.

Mike Smith is President & CEO of:

GDSS – Gateway Data and Surveillance Systems Inc.
503 Brown’s Line, Unit 1
Etobicoke, ON M8W 3V1

Contact details

Here are contact details:

Mike’s cell number is 416.822.7617. Text is the best way to get a response, then the next best way is email at mike@gatewaydatasystems.com and finally you can call him on his cell.

“I typically do not call blocked numbers,” Mike Smith notes, “but I do check messages.”

Additional notes, regarding visualizations of proposed buildings

Also of relevance:

Mike Smith of GDSS is preparing awesome 3D renderings & shadow studies for Nov. 3, 2016 hearing regarding 14 Villa Road

Options regarding Photoshop overlays depicting severance proposals related to Committee of Adjustment & OMB meetings

Please note: The Photoshop overlay for 9 Meaford (see link immediately above the sentence you are now reading) was criticized by the Chair of the Committee of Adjustment at the Sept. 29, 2016 Committee meeting at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. He said, in so many words, that an amateur rendering of what a new development will look like, when set against a photo of an existing streetscape, will lack credibility because there is no way to know that the measurements match, between the drawings and the photos.

A professional rendering, such as the 3D renderings for 14 Villa Road, is a step toward addressing such a concern.

Please note: These are not Professional Engineering or Build-to Specification 3D models

The 3D renderings we are working with constitute a “general visual representation” of the 14 Villa application.

Mike Smith has noted: “I have made some more detail changes to the proposed homes but without extensive terrain modeling it is hard to show how much of each home is above grade or below. The purpose here is to give a ‘general visual representation’ of shadow and sight lines which is just not possible in 2D and photos.”

Mike Smith has also made it clear that the images he has generated regarding 14 Villa Road are not in the category of images that are Professional Engineering or Build-to Specification 3D models.

The generation of Professional Engineering or Build-to Specification 3D models would require more time and a larger budget than has been available to us as residents.


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