Two residents of Long Branch, each named Susan, have shared messages regarding recent developments in Long Branch: “SOMETHING must be done.”

Susan, a resident of Long Branch, has shared with us a message regarding a recent overview by David Godley regarding Planning decisions at the City of Toronto, as they relate to Lot Splitting in Long Branch.

I am pleased to share Susan’s comments, as they are succinct and reflect the strong feelings that have begin to emerge, regarding the topics at hand.

I am also pleased to share comments from a second resident – also named Susan!

In an Oct. 27, 2016 message, First Susan – a resident of Long Branch – writes:

To all those who are concerned –

I am in complete agreement with David Godley. SOMETHING must be done to preserve the history and character of our established neighbourhoods. These days it seems that our “small villages within the great machine” are at the mercy of developers – with no thought for the individuals and families who have lovingly built and maintained these small oases within the city. Shame on those who are allowing these unimaginative developments to take place, thus destroying the charm, character and individuality of our much-loved neighbourhoods!

A second resident of Long Branch, also named Susan – that is, second of the “Susans” – has shared a similar, heartfelt, Oct. 27th message:

I’m on board with David’s comments, as well. It is disgusting that developers are given free rein, and those of us who have lived in and contributed to this community for years must deal with the consequences of poor planning.

Our politicians must step up, and give consideration to those of us who don’t have the time, energy or means to fight the well-funded builders who make great profits from the houses they build. They give no thought to how these ridiculously tall and deep houses affect the lives and well-being of those living next to or nearby.

While some of the new homes are charming and in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood, others are simply monstrosities. Developers are also making it impossible for young families to find starter homes when they greedily buy up all of the bungalows and build their million dollar dwellings.

Previous post features a similar, strongly expressed comment from Harry, a resident of Long Branch

A previous post is entitled:

Is it time to set up a Long Branch expat community in Mississauga? Maybe it’s already been started.

The post features the following message from a Long Branch resident named Harry:

We live on 39th street and see everywhere quaint homes being destroyed and lots being split and ugly mega homes being erected.This should not be allowed! The neighbourhood is losing its character and the city building codes should not be amended. Developers should not have free rein here! Where is our councillor Mark Grimes in all this??

In a comment at another recent post, Roman, a Long Branch resident, has added similar observations

Roman writes at a post entitled: If you receive a Notice from the Committee of Adjustment, here’s a Guide to the Notice:

I certainly do not support lot splitting but I feel that we have no real input.

The Committee of Adjustment may refuse the proposal of lot splitting but the the applicant will only carry it forward to the OMB and this is where we the people of the neighbourhood are stepped on without any consideration. This is a huge problem. Really frustrated with this process. Corner of James and 37th St. is a perfect example of this. It was originally (in 2012) decided by both CA and OMB not to allow lot splitting. Since then the house has been sold again, went through the process again, and now 2 new homes sit on the property thanks to the OMB. Seems that developers will get their way.

Ruth, a resident of Long Branch, has added a message as well

Ruth writes:

PLease stop contributing to, and enabling, the destruction of a historic neighborhood.

Do not approve the application for yet another tall monstrosity to be built at 14 Villa Rd., or heaven forbid two of those.

Also, I’m completely baffled as to why the residents of Long Branch seemingly have no voice in these matters, and yet builders – who are here for profits – seem to have their way with everything.


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Comment from First Susan (of the two above-mentioned “Susans”):

    We “Susans” seems to travel in packs! When I worked at CBC, there were 5 of us in my department. In my Book Club, there are 3.”

    Cheers –


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