Planning Staff recommend that 14 Villa Road consent and minor variance applications be refused

The Oct. 27, 2017 Planning Staff report regarding 14 Villa Road recommends the the consent and minor variance applications be refused.

You can access the report at the City of Toronto website or you can access it here:


If you have not sent in or dropped off a letter of objection, in connection with the applications, please do so.

A personalized letter has the most impact, but a form letter is also good to send in, as the total number of letters that we have on file is important.

Please send in your letter today, expressing your opposition to the 14 Villa application

A template letter, and details regarding where to send your letter (form letter or personalized) to, can be accessed at this post:

Template Letter to Committee of Adjustment re: 14 Villa Road Severance Application

Video message from Dorothy, who has lived on Villa Road for 74 years

You can get a good sense, of why Villa Road residents are opposed to the 14 Villa Road application, by viewing a video featuring the street’s oldest resident:

Video Message from Dorothy, age 97, to the Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment, October 2016


Your presence at the Nov. 3, 2016 meeting starting at 5:00 pm will make a huge difference in support of the residents of Villa Road; please make every effort to attend, and please encourage your friends and neighbours – no matter where they live – to attend.


Message from “Two Susans” of Long Branch

The messages at the following post underline the feelings that are evident among residents across Long Branch and elsewhere with regard to Lot Splittings and Overbuilding on Tiny Lots:

Two residents of Long Branch, each named Susan, have shared messages regarding recent developments in Long Branch: “SOMETHING must be done.”


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