OMB Review Town Hall Meetings – Deadline for OMB Review comments is Dec. 19. Please comment!

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OMB Town Hall Meetings – Nov. 9 (3850 Lake Shore Blvd. W.) and Nov. 16 (110 Jutland Road)

The following text has been forwarded as an email by George Kettel of Leaside; the text was prepared by Magda and Peter; I do not know their full names

OMB Review

You can read about the OMB Review here (including other ways you can participate):

Toronto Town Hall Meetings

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 15
Times: 5-6 pm open house and registration; 6-9:30 pm town hall
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Room 201
222 Bremner Boulevard

[For Nov. 16, 2016 meeting, see link at top of the post you are now reading.]

You are encouraged to register your attendance by Friday Nov. 11 by one of the following options:

1. RSVP online here>
2. By email , or
3 Call 416-585-6014 or 1-855-776-8011.

(Be sure to indicate if you require special accommodation to attend).

We think it is critical that as many residents as possible can participate.

The government has put out a Public Consultation Document (PDF file attached; can also be downloaded here ) “to support the review of the OMB. It provides context and direction. It gives background on Ontario’s land use planning system and on the OMB. It sets out possible changes being considered to improve the OMB’s role within the system as organized under the five key themes, and raises questions for consideration”.

[Above-mentioned PDF can be accessed here]:


More info

– Newmarket was the first city to hold a OMB Review Town Hall – here is an article about the process and what the public feedback has been:

An Oct. 21, 2016 article is entitled: “Newmarket OMB reform town hall meeting has residents calling for transparency.”

– OMB Town Hall city schedule (only Toronto stop is Nov 15):

– As mentioned above, besides attending the Town Hall, one can participate in other ways, i.e. send in written feedback, see here: . The more input the better.

Magda and Peter



I attended an OMB Town House Meeting on Nov. 6, 2016 in Long Branch, at the Legion by the Long Branch GO station. No registration was required. I have registered for the Nov. 15, 2016 meeting in Toronto, however.


A Nov. 14, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Remove Toronto from the OMB, new bill urges: NDP’s Cheri DiNovo to table private member’s bill amid provincial review.”

The article notes: “It was last reformed a decade ago, told to keep local communities’ wishes in mind, though critics say little has changed.”


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