Extreme Weather precautions (from The Co-operators)

You can access the message here.

An excerpt reads:

Severe weather may affect your region, with heavy rainfall that could potentially cause flooding, along with heavy winds and thunderstorms. We want to help protect you and your property.

Please take the following precautions:

1. If possible and safe to do, move your important possessions to a higher level to protect them from flood damage.
2. If your basement is flooded, turn off your hydro and furnace – but only if it is possible to do so safely.
3. If possible, if you have a backwater valve or sump pump, make sure they are working properly.
4. Never try to drive through floodwater. Roads covered with pooled flood waters can be dangerous to drive on. If your car stalls in floodwater, get out quickly and move to higher ground.
5. Keep children and pets away from waterways; channels and small creeks and rivers can fill up quickly and banks may erode resulting in unstable ground.


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