Who was James S. Bell? Can you add more details?

I’ve had an inquiry about who James S. Bell was. I’ve tried to answer as best I can; it’s a topic that students at Lakeshore Collegiate have recently been asking about, as many of them went to James S. Bell Junior Middle School during their elementary school years.

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Among other things in response to a recent inquiry I have noted the following:

James S. Bell was the long-time principal at a school in Long Branch.

1) There’s a book (well worth reading) at the Long Branch Library that, as I recall, has information about him:

A History of Education in the Lakeshore Area: Mimico, New Toronto, Long Branch

As well, the Long Branch Library has a special section with documents related to local history.  The library would be able to help students find information about who James S. Bell was, if it’s available, at the special section.

2) The question reminds me of how long the school has been there, for students growing up in Long Branch to attend:

Murray Smith years ago lived at 184 Lake Promenade in Long Branch

3) The school was designed by a Long Branch architect named Gresely Elton as I’ve noted at a previous post; many local buildings were designed by him as noted at this post:

Second Long Branch Jane’s Walk, on May 5, 2013 explored the Mississauga-Toronto border south of Lake Shore Blvd. West

4) The story of the school is part of the history of Long Branch:

History of Long Branch


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