Volunteer Opportunity – CSA national coordinator – Canadian Stuttering Association

I am pleased to share the following message from Andrew Harding of the Canadian Stuttering Association.

Opportunity – CSA national coordinator

If you take pride in leading an organisation to improve the lives of people who stutter and their families, we have an unrivalled opportunity for you as national coordinator. Your vision and leadership will enable the Canadian Stuttering Association to achieve our mission to help people who stutter fulfil their potential – both personal and professional.

We are based largely around the Toronto area and welcome applicants from across Canada who would be able to travel to Toronto for key meetings.

The CSA is a volunteer led and managed charity, made possible by our passion and commitment to making life better for people who stutter across Canada. To lead a dedicated and highly skilled team, we need your help for four to six hours a week.

The national coordinator provides leadership on Association projects and activities. The coordinator is responsible for the overall proper functioning of the Association and ensuring its decisions and policies serve the purpose and mission of the Association.

To succeed, you will need to understand the needs and culture of the Association, the needs of volunteers, and how to motivate the volunteer team to achieve our goals.

Familiarity with Canadian charity law, volunteer management and financial management will be highly valuable. It’s a good time to take on this role as the Association builds its volunteer base and profile, based largely around the annual conferences.


As national coordinator and chair of the Board you will work closely with other Board members and the conference committee.


• Help define tasks and roles, and find people to do them
• Oversee the core roles in finance, administration, communication and event management
• Set meeting agendas and ensure meeting are publicised
• Ensure action points are recorded and acted on – providing follow-up as needed
• Help with information enquiries on occasion
• Seek out guest speakers and help identify conference presenters
• The first point of contact for phone calls (less than one per week and this can be reassigned)
• Provide guidance on the newsletter
• Develop a network of contacts among speech and language pathologists and researchers
• Help to define and establish consistent CSA messages and tone
• Represent CSA to peer and professional bodies where appropriate
• Chair Board meetings; set and maintain a positive tone for discussions and decisions

The rewards are a real sense of achievement in getting things done, bringing people together, and seeing people’s lives improve.

To apply, please tell us why you would like to join the team, what skills you can bring to the role, along with your resume. We can then arrange a phone call or email chat.

Further information

Andrew Harding, national coordinator



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