Inchworms are prolific and resilient: article, April 24, 2017

I didn’t know much about inchworms but I do now, having read about them at the following link:

Inchworm Life Cycle

Here’s a brief video of an inchworm travelling across a tabletop. I like the way it tries to figure out where to go next.



A June 23, 2017 Toronto Star article, referring to a cankerworm (which appears to me to be a bit different – but I could be wrong – from the inchworm on the above-noted video) infestation, is entitled: “Toronto suffers inchworm infestation for the first time in 17 years: Surprise intruders have caught the city off guard this year. Pedestrians in parks hear the critters eating.”

The concluding paragraph reads:

Janet McKay, executive director of the non-profit Leaf, said she’s seen a lot of defoliated trees this year. She said the rainy spring has been a big benefit for the city’s trees, but says it’s important to be aware of things such as winter salt or construction that can impose stress on urban forests and make it harder for trees to bounce back from defoliation.


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