Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines public meeting is on Sept. 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm, at the Ken Cox Community Centre

Etobicoke Guardian article regarding SvN Architects + Planners

SvN Architects + Planners is involved with development of the ongoing Long Branch Urban Design Guidelines pilot project.

A Sept. 19, 2017 Etobicoke Guardian article is entitled: “Firm wins Toronto design award for Six Points’ junction transformation: Pedestrians, cyclists included in expanded public realm design.”

SvN staff; the image is from the Sept. 13, 2017 news update referred to at the post you are now reading.

SvN staff; the image is from the Sept. 13, 2017 SvN online news update referred to at the post you are now reading; click on the image to enlarge it

A Sept. 13, 2017 news update at the SvN website reads: “SvN’s Six Points Interchange wins 2017 Toronto Urban Design Award.”

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Long Branch Urban Design Guidelines project

A previous post is entitled:

August 2017 DRAFT of Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines available online

Another previous post is entitled:

Advisory Group for Long Branch Urban Design Guidelines had a productive meeting on Feb. 7, 2017

As well, as noted at a recent post, the following text is from a notice distributed in Long Branch by the Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office:


Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

Dear Neighbour,

The City is hosting a community consultation meeting to hear from you. Details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Time: 6;30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Place: Ken Cox Community Centre – Cafeteria (A) 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive

City Staff and the consultant SvN have worked to develop the DRAFT [August 2017] Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines based on the wide range of comments we have received at the previous community consultation and community advisory group meetings.

The purpose of this community consultation meeting is to present the DRAFT Guidelines to the community in order to receive further feedback on suggested revisions.

You can view the DRAFT Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines at this link:

http://svn-ap.com/wp-content/uploads/2017 /08/LONG-BRANCH.pdf

For more information, please contact the Planner, Sabrina Salatino, at 416-394- 8025 or Sabrina.Salatino@toronto.ca

I hope to see you there!



I wish to add a few, random personal comments.

I have lived in Long Branch for twenty years, and am looking forward to moving on. Among my goals in life is to write a book about local history as it relates to Long Branch and surrounding communities. That will be easier to do, once I establish some emotional and physical distance, from the community.

I always enjoy learning new things, and learning how to write a book is a project that I look forward to completing. Long Branch is a place and it’s also a state of mind, as I have learned from many visitors to this website, who now live in cities and towns across Canada.

Each person, who moves from Long Branch, carries memories, based on each person’s experiences, during a particular span of time. I like to think of a Long Branch diaspora.

I also have in mind the creation of an informal association of former Long Branch residents. This is an idea that has occurred to me, after many people in recent years have spoken about their fond memories of Long Branch, dating back in sone cases to well over a half-century (and in some cases related to events from three-quarters of a century or more back in time).

The tentative name for the association is Long Branch Alumni. Anybody can join. There are no membership fees. People from adjoining communities – Alderwood, Lakeview, and so on – are also welcome to join.

You don’t have to have moved away from Long Branch to be a member of Long Branch Alumni. If you’d like to join an email list for the group, please send me an email at jpill@preservedstories.com

I’ve been involved for many years with the founding of groups, and with working with others to help to bring people together for projects of mutual interest. I’ve learned many things along the way, and every day I learn something new.

I’ve chosen Long Branch Alumni, for now, as the name for this non-profit organization, because I like to keep names of groups short, based on my volunteer experience with community self-organizing, and with media relations, over the past thirty or forty years.


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