Long Branch Alumni Association: A group connecting people who used to live in Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey)

From time to time, people move out of Long Branch, and people move in.

Each person, who moves from Long Branch, carries memories, based on her or his experiences, during a particular span of time.

I have in mind the creation of an informal association of people who used to live in Long Branch.

This is an idea that has occurred to me, after many people in recent years have spoken about their fond memories of Long Branch, dating back in some cases to well over a half-century (and in some cases related to events from three-quarters of a century or more back in time).

The tentative name for the association is Long Branch Alumni Association.

You don’t have to have moved away from Long Branch to be a member of Long Branch Alumni. If you’d like to join an email list for the group, please send me an email at jpill@preservedstories.com.



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